Mother&Daughter GirlBoss Photo Shoot $50 each participant

Mother&Daughter GirlBoss Photo Shoot $50 each participant

Regular price $ 75

When: May 11,2019 

Where: For Beauty Sake  1430 Dragon Street Dallas Tx 

Time: 1:00pm 

The Mother Daughter Photo Shoot is hosted by WLAGBOSS and Chicks and Caboodles. We have partnered with Tavia Whitlowe owner at For Beauty Sake. For a day filled with empowerment and mother daughter bonding. So grab your daughters thirteen years and older and enjoy the mother daughter glam experience. This will be a memorable event for you and your daughter. 

The attire will be any combination of black and white! So get your cute dresses,high heels, and cute accessories ready!

Please note that you must be thirteen years old to attend this event. 

Here’s the break down of ticket  pricing 

****Early Bird Price $35 each participant*** Ends March 30th*****


Professional Makeup is an add on $75 *not a requirement*

 *****Ticket price after March 30th listed below**

2 participants will cost $100

3 participants discounted rate at $120

4 participants discounted cost $150

5 participants discounted cost $190


All participants will receive a GirlBoss swag box! All photos will be emailed shortly after the event. 

The photo shoot will begin promptly at 1:00pm please be on time. Please note no REFUNDS