Boss Photo Shoot

Boss Photo Shoot

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Calling all BOSS babes!!
We have teamed with the talented and beautiful Tavia Whitlowe owner of For Beauty Sake. For a BOSS Photo Shoot!

A photo shoot purposely scheduled the month of February to promote sisterhood and community. Calling all boss babes out to enjoy being the center of attention while networking and connecting with like minded women. This is a group photo shoot with one  look! 

The color theme for this shoot will be white and denim. Ripped jeans are welcomed not excessively ripped though. Keep it classy. If you have nude shoes please bring or close to nude. We will do one look in nude shoes,  one look barefoot and one in a fun colored shoe ie. print etc. Makeup is not a requirement!!! But if you want makeup done please visit For Beauty Sake. 

The photo shoot will begin at 11:00am February 2nd

We are excited to meet you! Swag Bags will be given out upon arrival. For more details please visit Our Facebook page @ WLAGBoss. Thanks